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Welcome to Blaze docs.

It is split into different sections :

  • Guides : The main documentation on how to use Blaze.
  • CLI reference : Manuals for each Blaze command.
  • Configuration reference : Blaze configuration files schemas.
  • Executors : All about executors, Blaze plugin system.

For issues and bugs, please make sure to use our issue tracker.

What is a monorepo ?

If you have never heard of monorepos, the concept is actually quite simple.

Traditionnally, each component lives in its own repository :

├── my-company-web-app/
| ├── .git/
| ├── src/
├── my-company-server/
| ├── .git/
| ├── src/
├── my-company-design-system/
| ├── .git/
| ├── src/

A monorepo is based on a single repository where you would store all the code and assets for every component in your projects :

├── my-company/
| ├── web-app/
| | ├── src/
| ├── server/
| | ├── src/
| ├── design-system/
| | ├── src/
├── .git/

A monorepo gives the following advantages:

  • Reusability : You can easily reuse things among projects, whether they are applications, librairies, CI/CD parts, or tools.
  • Simplicity : You have one single repository to sync with. A lot of people find it difficult to deal with many repositories, especially when it comes to integration and deployment.
  • Easy dependencies management : It is much easier to manage dependencies between projects and make them work together during development when using a monorepo.
  • Better collaboration : It it easier for teams to collaborate since every project is in the same monorepo.
  • Better versioning : Allows you to perform atomic commits across projects.

If you want to learn more about monorepos and why you should be using one, be sure to checkout this website

What is Blaze ?

Blaze is a build system which aims to be simple, fast, and flexible.

It is written with ❤️ in Rust and is absolutely free to use.

Its main goal is to allow you to run multiple tasks across your monorepo using in a efficient.

Blaze is mainly intended to be used in a monorepo, but it can also be used for more general task running and productivity tooling.

It comes with the following features :

  • Fully configurable cache
  • Parallelization
  • Support for JSON, YAML and Jsonnet, with advanced templating features
  • A flexible plugin system for running tasks

Other open-source monorepo tools like Blaze

Blaze is inspired from tools like Nx, Turborepo (and others).

Choose Blaze if you want your build system to:

  • ✅ Be minimalistic and flexible.
  • ✅ Let you (and only you) manage and organize your development workflow.
  • ✅ Be blazing fast !

Also, choose Blaze if you don't want your build system to:

  • ❌ Manage your application dependencies.
  • ❌ Perform code analysis.
  • ❌ Be aware of the technologies you're using.

Now let's dive in and start learning how it works...