One tool to rule them all 👑

Blaze manages all the dependencies between your projects. Collaboration between different teams becomes very easy.

Tired of writing a CI/CD chain for each and every project ? 😫

With Blaze, you can make your whole integration and deployment process part of the monorepo. Write it once and for all.

Re-use everything ♻️

Writing reusable code has never been easier. You don't even need to publish your libraries if they are not intended for public use.

Not invasive 👍

Blaze supports any language/framework and will not have any impact on your application code.

Save your time ⏱️

Thanks to Blaze cache system, you will never need to redo what's already done.

Blazing fast 🔥

Blaze is built with performance in mind. It is written in Rust and supports parallel tasks execution.